We’re expanding with more missions and new destinations

May 22, 2016
Aaron Birkby

Startup Catalyst is excited to announce that we are expanding to be a national program with new international missions to new startup hotspot destinations.

Since 2014 Startup Catalyst has taken 20 tech-savvy youths each year on an immersive, fully-funded, two week mission to Silicon Valley to inspire, educate, and infect the next generation of tech startup founders.

Now in 2016 Startup Catalyst is delivering new missions for tech startups, investors, corporate executives, and innovation leaders to Silicon Valley, and to new destinations including London, Berline, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Shenzhen, and elsewhere.

Startup Catalyst was formed to assist in the cultural transformation of the Australian economy to one that is fast paced, startup aware, and “global first”. We achieve this through the immersion of future and current entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and investors in innovation, into high-paced startup-rich environments to help understand differences in our business cultures, and to build networks and connections for trade; on return to fully network these lessons back into the broader community.

Our individual Missions are tailored specifically for the attendees, and include visits to tech giants, high-growth startups, local investors, corporate innovators, accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces.  Through structured programs including site visits, private tours, guest speakers, events, dinners and social interactions, we provide participants with deep insights and personal connections into new international markets.